Apprentice MagicianEdit

Apprentice Magician is a common card used by the duelist known as Durgon Jr. This card never really appeared in the anime, but did have a brief cameo in Bonds Beyond Time where it appeared during Paradox's explanation of why the future was doomed by Card Games!

Set Number DG01/013
Card Name Apprentice Magician
Unit Type Trigger
Grade 0
Skill Boost
Power 5000
Critical 1
Shield 5000
Nation Shadow Realm
Clan YuGiOh
Race Spellcaster
Trigger Draw+5000
Flavor Text The apprentice always serves their master.
Effect Text No Effect

Card InfoEdit

Errata (10/04/14) This card has been misprinted with a shield value of 10000, instead of the standard 5000 for a draw trigger. This Errata corrects this value for all printed versions of this card.