Welcome to the DesStratos Custom Cardfight Vanguard Wiki

Private Wiki for Custom Cardfight Vanguard cards by myself, DesStratos

DISCLAIMER: I own NONE of the artwork or names to the cards being used from other sources, I claim no ownership or copyright on these.

About the Project

This project originated with the idea between myself and my friends regarding the lack of a 2nd Critical Trigger with the Dimensional Robo name, so it was decided to create my own trigger to supplement the Dimensional Robos (which is my primary clan) then it just boomed from their following discussions about how cool Weiss Schwarz uses various anime for their cards, and there we have it; the DesStratos series of Custom Cardfight Cards!

Set List

Set 1: DesStratos 1 - Magicians vs White Dragons

Latest activity

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